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Michael Dunn found guilty of first-degree murder in death of unarmed teen Jordan Davis
October 1, 2014

Michael Dunn, the man who shot and killed African-American teen Jordan Davis, was found guilty of first-degree murder in a retrial on Wednesday.

Dunn made national headlines in November 2012 after he approached a vehicle at a Jacksonville gas station that was playing loud rap music. Words were exchanged between Dunn and the teens inside and at some point the 47-year-old pulled out a gun and fired ten shots into the car, mortally wounding Davis, who was unarmed. The gunfire missed the other teens, who were also unarmed.

Dunn claimed he saw someone aim a gun from one of the car’s windows. Police found no weapon at the scene.

Following the shooting, Dunn and his girlfriend drove back to their nearby hotel and ordered pizza. The next day the couple drove 175 miles south of Jacksonville to Dunn’s home where he was later arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder.

Dunn also reportedly described the teens he fired on as “thugs” and “gangsters” in his initial conversations with authorities about the incident. 

The case also took on added significance since it came just months after former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

Both cases struck racial cords and spurred national protests and added to a string of killings of unarmed black men that prompted dialogue about the often deadly interactions between armed whites and unarmed black men especially.

Last summer Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges related to Martin’s death.

In February of this year, Dunn was found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and firing into an occupied vehicle. However, the judge declared a mistrial on the count of first-degree murder, which results in a retrial this month. The ruling angered many who saw the case as a slam-dunk, while discouraging others still in shock over the Zimmerman acquittal.

Dunn testified in his own defense, claiming that he feared for his life when he shot at Davis and his fellow passengers.

“He wasn’t shooting at the tires. He wasn’t shooting at the windows. He was shooting to kill, aiming at Jordan Davis,” prosecutor Erin Wolfson told jurors.

During court proceedings this week, Dunn told jurors reiterated what he’d said to law enforcement shortly after the shooting, that he saw a “very angry-looking young man” in the back seat, referring to Davis, who he said then raised a barrel of a gun to the window and threatened to kill him.

“I saw the barrel of a gun. I’m petrified. I’m in fear for my life. This guy just threatened to kill me — and he showed me a gun,” Dunn testified on the witness stand during his retrial, according to reports.

The jury on Wednesday deliberated for less than five hours on Wednesday, a stark contrast from the 30 hours the jury in Dunn’s original trial took to return its decision.

Dunn, 47, already faces at least 60 years in prison for his earlier convictions.

Following the hearing Davis’s parents, Ron Davis and Lucy McBath told reporters that the verdict was not just their family’s victory alone.

“We are very grateful that justice has been served, justice not only for Jordan, but justice for Trayvon and justice all the nameless, faceless children and people that will never have a voice,” Lucy McBath, Jordan’s mother said after the verdict. “And Ron and I are committed to giving our lives to walking out Jordan’s justice and Jordan’s legacy.”

“We know that Jordan’s life and legacy will live on for others,” McBath said.

Ron Davis said he found solace and reassurance in the verdict.

“I wanted Jacksonville to be a shining example that you can have a jury made up of mostly white people, white men and to be an example to the rest of the world to stop the discriminatory practices, stop discriminating, stop looking where we have to look at juries and say what the makeup of juries are,” he said.

The names of both Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis have been intoned in recent weeks as unrest continues in Ferguson, MO over the cop-killing of black teen Michael Brown.  Like Martin and Davis before him, Brown was unarmed at the time of his killing.

The list of cases involving unarmed young black men killed by white men or law enforcement continues to grow, as do the protests demanding justice in their name.

“All across this nation, every time there is a trial between a victim that is black and someone that shot him that is white, we look at what is the make-up of the jury. Is the black victim going to be represented? Hopefully this is a start where we don’t have to look at the makeup of the jury anymore,” Ron Davis said. “All we can do is look at the case, look at the minds and the souls and the hearts of people, of human beings, not of skin color, but of human beings.” 



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quality shit from a quality artist for sure

he’s just so sassy it’s hard to capture it on a mere canvas askdjfljksd





I run outside before you, making holes for you to walk through like a child following footprints in the snow.

You are my foundation, and beside you I’m a mountain, I am fortified, and I can only grow.

And that’s not all.

Haven’t you, a man of science, ever wondered why I try so hard to make you feel so secure?

Haven’t you, with all your cleverness, devised the reason why I missed no hit and dodged no bullet, can’t you see why I go through it?

I want to be your human shield

Be your cover in the field

Be your strength when you have none

Be your comfort when you are done

Be the walls you live inside

Be the hole where you can hide

Be the safe in which you’re sealed

I want to be your human shield

Once I was withdrawn, but that loner now is gone. Oh, how’d I stay so long in such a place without you?

Once I was so strong but now to be alone feels wrong when I am invincible around you.

Haven’t you, a man of science, ever wondered why I try so hard to make you feel so secure?

Haven’t you, with all your cleverness, devised the reason why I missed no hit and held no rancor?

Haven’t you felt so at ease while safe inside my company? See I am at my best as your bulletproof vest.

I am your residence, your willing shade, the room in which your bed is made, your host, your home, your hive, your cave; oh can’t you see how brave you make me?

I want to be your human shield

Be your cover in the field

Be your strength when you have none

Be your comfort when you are done

Be the walls you live inside

Be the hole where you can hide

Be the safe in which you’re sealed

I want to be your human shield

Hamsters from TF2Chan you have finally shown me the best Heavy/Medic song from Heavy’s POV I have ever heard.

All of mein happy creys. Doktor and Heavy moya. Ich liebe dich. <333

Why does this chaotic violent murdergame keep producing so much beauty

I don’t understand

reblogging again always reblog this song and hamster’s mad skills



Hey jerks I drew you some HoovyMama.

holy fuck yes this yes

i just




The BLU Ministry is on the run…or, the walk, rather. I love Monty Python and I love Team Fortress, so when i was asked to draw these two in suits this seemed like the proper thing to do.

For SirKai, Lintu, Mel and Shalala. Had to rush terribly but i hope you like it somewhat!

oh my god this is the best thing ever holy shit lksjdflkjsdfsd



Somebody on dA said this needed more Pyro in a bikini

And then this happened

EDIT: Tried to make Engie look a little less like he’s been decapitated. No RED demomen allowed on the beach today.

lakdj;gfh’plkdfjashdg’pl/KDSJFSDFlksjdf lookit everyone now aaahhhlhaksjdjflk amazing and precious i can’t ksd;jf

i want a coffee table book of all of sarcasmosaur’s pictures lskdjflsf


Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere sapping something?

Yes yes that spy is in fact on the red team. What I do everytime i’m a spy. Don’t ask how his arms are contorted I actually did it myself itsquitefine



Gonna keep beating you over the head with this shit

You can tell TF2 is hellishly unrealistic because the doctor is the only person who seems to like the fatty



by Mel




I need to get rid of the art-block as soon as possible.

(( cuddle. ;___; ))

Ohmygod mugen ;//u//; so fucking cute


Frohe Weihnachten and a Happy Abduction-Free Australian Christmas to all of you, my friends.


but i just got out of respawn, silly

(finally scanning sketches i did while stuck in boring classes)


Worried, can’t sleep, draw self-indulgent stuff.

Self-indulgent as in “what if Medic was a medical illustrator”. 


“No need to get mad, bushman. I didn’t forget the kiss I promised.♥”



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